Pikesville High School
Visual and Performing Arts
T Wilson

R Gartner

Emily Hall

Multimedia Communication Completer Program

Through courses taught in the Pikesville Multimedia Communications Center, students will be able to explore web design, graphic arts, 3-D animation, digital audio and video technology, digital photography, film, theatre, and creative writing.

During the course of their high school careers, will have the opportunity to complete a major in Multimedia Communications by taking four credits in multimedia. 

Multimedia courses are designed to introduce students to the design concepts of the major areas of Multimedia Communications:  Computer as Fine Arts; Computer as Published and Web page Art Forms; Computer as Photo/Digital Imagery; Digital Sound; Audio, Video, Film, and Theatre Art Forms; and Computer as Animation.  Students who complete  four credits will have the option of expanding their skills by electing an internship option with a professional multimedia communications organization.  Students may also be eligible to receive college credit for some course work through dual enrollment with one of our college or university partners.  Students who complete the major in Multimedia Communications will complete a professional portfolio in each of the four Multimedia Arts areas;  this is then used in applying for advanced placement, art scholarship competitions, and/or presenting professional resumes to employers.

The capstone experience in multimedia is the internship program.  Through our partnerships with area multimedia businesses and post-secondary schools, students will have an opportunity to receive real world experience in applying the knowledge acquired in multimedia courses.


String Orchestra

The Pikesville GT String Orchestra program provides students with the opportunity to rehearse and perform styles of music from pop to classical.  Chamber Music Ensemble experiences are also available.  The string orchestra performs school and community concerts, assembly programs, and musical theatre productions.  STUDENTS RECEIVE HONORS or GT CREDIT FOR THIS COURSE.