Pikesville High School

Pikesville High’s PTSA (Parent, Teacher & Student Association) is how parents support students and their teachers.  Please help us enrich the high school experience and help PHS continue as one of the top schools in America by joining and contributing to the success of our school community.
 PTSA accomplishments include

  • Sponsorship of student planners - received first week of school
  • Preparing a delicious back-to-school breakfast for our teachers and staff
  • Purchases of stadium scoreboard and auditorium screen
  • Advocating with Baltimore County for renovations to the school
  • Orientation Handbooks for Freshman and their Parents
  • Our Facebook Group and Google Calendar keep up on what’s happening at the school

Be a part of the great things happening at Pikesville High School!  Pick a committee or project, contribute and come to meetings – it’s a great opportunity to find out what is going on first hand from Mrs. Sandra G. Reid and other faculty members.
PTSA volunteer opportunities include

  • Post Prom Party for the Senior Class
  • Mother's Day Flower Sale
  • Assisting with Freshman Orientation, Back to School Night and American Education Week
  • Week-long celebrations during Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Advocating for our children’s health and safety

You can ask questions or add yourself to our email list at Pikesville.ptsa@gmail.com.   Membership Forms can be downloaded and mailed or brought to the school office - or we will be happy to send the form via email.

…and Facebook Group, searchPikesville High School PTSA 
Click here for the PTSA Facebook page

JOIN US in making great things happen.

PTSA Officers 2015-2016

Vice President/Advocacy & Communications
Vice President/Programming
Vice President/Membership& Fundraising
EMAIL: Pikesville.ptsa@gmail.com
Giant Gift Cards
PTSA Meeting Programs
Freshman Orientation
Welcome Back Breakfast
Back to School Night
American Education Week
Flower Sale/Mother's Day
Teacher Appreciation Week
Post Prom Party

Meetings - 2nd Thursday of the month

Click here for a details on meeting topics.

Facebook Page: Pikesville High School PTSA

What We Have Accomplished

  • Convinced BCPS to completely renovate the school
  • Purchased LED Outdoor Sign
  • Purchased Scoreboard for Football/Lax Field
  • Purchased Video Projector/Classroom Technology
  • Created and Hosted Safe Post-Prom Parties
  • Informative Meetings With Speakers
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Reflections Contest
  • Scholarships
  • And much more!

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